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About me


Behind the BLooM brand there is only one person and I – Eva Vašicová.

I love perfection, uniqueness and originality.

I want my products to be extraordinary. Completely according to your wishes.

I never use the same pattern, warp or weft color again.

I also make my own designs.

That’s why every scarf in my workshop is perfect, unique and original.

I’m basing on that!

I graduated from the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University, mathematics and physics, so I always attracted weaving.

Weaving is the pure essence of physics and math in one.

When one loves mathematics and physics, like myself, it is quite clear that he will lose the spell of counting threads, the use of yarns on the weft, and indeed all weaving concerns.

Weaving is not just a day-to-day meeting with mathematics and physics.

Weaving is an opportunity for me to meet new people, their stories and especially to fulfill their dream.

Weaving is also joy for me, relaxation …

If you have the wish to have the original from my workshop at home, do not hesitate to  contact me!!