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Baby wrap


My rules:

  1. You can choose everything – warp, weft and pattern.
  2. I don’t make colour gradation, or mixing color with small stripes with a lots of color. I make one, maybe two color in warp. Maximally with two big stripes.
  3. Also in the weft is only one or two colors.
  4. However, you can choose a lots of variation of yarn in the weft.
  5. I specialize in the difficult patterns. A lots of them is my own pattern. Therefore you may have a unique baby wrap.
  6. I weave only one baby wrap from one warp. Sometimes I weave only one short wrap and one RS, but this is exceptional situation. I like the rare, unique wrap.
  7. Once I use some pattern, I will never use it again. (This is my the most importat rule!)

If you have any question, please send me email

Terms of custom weaving/ Terms of sale

General conditions

The customer can choose how many baby wraps or ring sling will be made of the his warp. If the customer wishes that only his baby wrap(s) would be made of his warp, it’s necessary to let me know in advance! Otherwise, BLooM will dispose with the rest of the warp at is own discretion.
BLooM is committed to customer deliver purchased products displayed on these pages, or agreed to the constract.

The customer will always be informed about the process of weaving both verbally and with accompanying photographs.
Different concepts of color are possible the distortion may be caused by different light intensity and also different settings resolution and color settings of your monitor. BLooM doesn´t take any responsibility for this distortion.
BLooM reserves the right, in severe cases, to cancell the order. The customer will be immediately informed.

Price list

Price per meter – 100% Egyptian cotton twill or plain weave – CZK 1800 / meter. In the case of complex designs and more colors than the three basic color will be credited extra charge by arrangement.
Prices also depends on the complexity and always will be agree in advance.

Wraps with special yarn (silk, linen, etc.) may be arranged in advance and the type of yarn and the complexity of colour and pattern in a baby wrap will determine the price.

Unless otherwise specified, a minimum width of baby wrap is 70 cm.


After placing a warp of the loom of – deposit 50% of the final price pursuant to the ordered length. The remaining amount is payable upon completion of the baby wrap before sending finished order to the customer.
In the case of non-payment of the agreed advance payment or additional payment to 72 hours from submission of the notification to pay , the order will be cancelled and BLooM will be able to all items sell. Any remaining baby wraps created from the warp, BLooM will use their own discretion. If the contact with the customer is interrupted for longer than 14 days, without giving any reason, all items will be able to sell.

In the case of payment in cash for goods (not custom weaving) is a maturity of 72 hours. Payment is made via PayPal.

Shipping cost / Delivery

Shipments are sent by Czech post according to their price lists by airmail as valuable package. Packaging is not required.
Unfortunately, BLooM will be not able to sent any shipments to destinations where delivering insured shipments is not supported by Czech Post.
BLooM is not financially responsible for any customs costs associated with arrival of the shipment to the country of designation. These costs are borne by the customer.
The customer takes into account that BLooM is located in the Czech Republic.
All shipments leaving from Czech Republic are insured and with the possibility of monitoring.
BLooM will never state lower value of the package on customs declaration. This is illegal and therefore not possible.
All costs associated with sent package are irreversible, as well as the cost of returning the goods, unless otherwise agreed in advance.

Returns / Complaints

Goods purchased from direct sale or auction can be returned for any reason within 14 days of purchase.
For goods made to order (or goods adjusted as desired by the purchaser or a person) has the buyer right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days after purchase and only by assuming that BLooM has not started to implement the order. Upon receipt of goods to order, goods can not be returned for any reason.

The buyer can claim goods only in case when agreed parameters are not fulfilled or the goods evince other defects.
The cost of returning the goods is paid by the customer. BLooM reserves the right to re-sell the goods.
Returning goods, money back or repairs will be accepted upon presentation of proof of purchase within 30 days.

It is necessary to inform BLooM in advance regarding any return of goods.
When sending back, goods must be in original condition, complete, undamaged, unwashed and unused.
Goods paid in advance, please send me to my address by registered mail insured for CZK 10 000.

Upon receipt of the shipment, and after checking the conditon of the product and its components will money be sent by bank transfer to your account.
The warranty of goods lasts 2 years. However, it is required to care for the goods according to our care instructions.

The complaints will not be accepted in cases that goods are:

  • damaged by the elements such as water, fire, lightning or other electrical discharge.
  • mechanically damaged (torn, slashed, burned etc.).
  • no proof of origin or a valid proof of purchase (invoice)
  • damaged by improper use or excessive load
  • damaged by improper maintenance – felting, using bleach, cleaners, bleaches.